Air filter Universal CR01601
Art no. 47160138

To fit:
Crankcasefilter 15mm Length: 40mm

Crank case filter 15mm Length: 40mm

JR replacement filters are exchanged with the original filter in the original air cleaner box.
With rectangular filters it is usually best to push the filter into the lid of the air box during installation. This will place the filter properly in the centre and it will seal correctly.
The filters/filter edges can be damaged through incorrect handling. *).
For round filters the exterior diameter may be smaller on JR filters than on the original filters, but this will not have any effect on function.

For Opti-Flow filterkit, follow the installation instructions and for Direct Air kit, follow the installation diagram.

JR filters are everlasting filters, based on unique cotton fibres and will last for years if maintained properly.

Cleaning is recommended after approx 10,000 kilometres. Depending on season and how the car is used, cleaning may be required more frequently, in the spring and summer and when driving in highly polluted environments.
Clogged filters *) can cause engine malfunction and damage the engine.

During cleaning, only use water-based degreasing agents. Preferably environmentally friendly.
Spirit based degreasing agents or strong detergents can harm the cotton fibres *)

Remove the filter and spray the cleaning agent on the side where the air is goes in. Let the cleaning agent work for a couple of minutes. If the filter is very dirty an additional cleaning agent may help dissolve the dirt. Rinse the filter (from the back) under a tap or a shower using tepid water. Let the filter dry. Make sure the filter surface and the exterior rubber edge are undamaged.
If the vehicle is equipped with a coarse filter (leaf filter) in front of the air filter box, this needs be cleaned at the same time.

Finally, spray the entire filter with JR special oil. Do not over-use the oil so the filter is dripping or the engine can absorb filter oil.

Note. The filter material will be damaged by compressed air or high pressure washing.*)

Round universal filters are made from poluretan. The hose clamp must only be tightened until the filter is sealed and cannot come loose. If the clamp is too tight the clamp will cut into the material and the filter will crack. Large filters must be installed with some kind of support to ensure that the filter does not move.
Loose filters can result in damage *)

*)in these cases, warranty is no longer valid.
Modified: 18 Jan 2003.
Price: £20

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