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Boost Pressure Gauges
Y-connection for BSR T-gauge
Hose, BSR Turbo indicator
Turbo pressure gauge -1.0 - 2.0 bar
Instrument house 52mm
Fuel pressure regulator linear
Fuel pressure regulator prog.
Fuel pressure reg. prog. "382"
Fuel pressure indicator
Turbo accessories
Silicon hose Black
Catalytic Converter
Catalytic convert EU appr 2.5"
Catalytic converter 3"
Bellows 76.5x100
Bellows 76,5x120
Bellows 76,5x152 Outer braid
Bellows 76,5x203
Exhaust details
Exhaust expander pipe 64/67/76
Lambda plug M14
Lambda plug M16
Lambda plug M18
Band brace 3"
Band brace 67mm